As cities and towns grow and develop, wastewater needs will grow as well. American Engineering Consultants is committed to meeting the needs of communities large and small with individualized solutions, designed with an eye toward to future with room to grow and an infrastructure suitable for expansion.


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Design and Upgrade of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

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Pump Stations


City of Cayce 25-MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant

All New BNR facility designed for a capacity of 25 MGD, and replaced a 9.5 MGD plant. Design included a headworks structure with influent screening, grit removal and odor control; a Biological Nutrient Removal process, six secondary clarifiers, return and waste activated sludge pumping stations, chlorine contact tanks, post aeration, an effluent pump station, chemical feed facilities, an aerobic digestion/membrane thickening process, a sludge de-watering facility; a laboratory building, a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, and ancillary facilities. This multiple State and National award winning facility was completed twenty percent below budget and fifty percent below the average per gallon cost of typical treatment facilities.

East Richland County Public Service District 64-Inch Interceptor Sewer Line

Design, construction oversight and contract administration for the replacement of approximately 2,500 LF of existing 54-Inch and 42-Inch diameter gravity sewer. The line is situated in an environmentally sensitive area, and transports all wastewater flow from the District’s service area into the Quail Lane Pump Station, from which it is pumped to a 16-MGD treatment facility.

Town of Lexington 31-MGD Pump Station Upgrade

Design of a new 31 MGD pump station, including modifications to the existing pump station and construction of new wastewater screening equipment, wet well structure with submersible pumps, lime feed system, new odor control system, new bridge crane structures, new back-up power generator, and SCADA system and instrumentation.

City of Columbia 160-MGD Metro WWTP Effluent Diffuser

Design of effluent diffuser into the Congaree River, post-aeration system, dechlorination system and pump station for peak discharge of 160- MGD. Services included evaluation of diffuser design utilizing hydraulic modeling software. This project received the Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies. The environmental permitting difficulties and challenges in dealing with a shallow navigable waterway during installation of a wastewater effluent diffuser were contributing factors in receiving this award.

Lower Richland Wastewater Treatment Facility Replacement

Following catastrophic structural damage in a portion of its existing WWTP, AEC was retained by Richland County to design and construct a new 1.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility to service lower Richland County. Construction included a Headworks structure, two Biological Nutrient Removal Basins, two Clarifiers, a RAS/WAS pump station, Sludge Digester, Decant Pumps, and Membrane Grid Aeration Diffusers. The work consisted of structures, equipment, site work, yard piping, mechanical piping, electrical and all necessary appurtenances for a complete wastewater treatment facility.

Chapin 16-Inch Forcemain

Design and construction oversight of approximately 19,500 LF of 16-Inch diameter sewer force main for the Town of Chapin. The new forcemain will provide reserve capacity for the Town of Chapin’s existing sewer system. The project also included preparation of a State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) Preliminary Engineering Report.

Cromer Road Pump Station

Design of a new 31 MGD pump station, including, wet well structure with submersible pumps, lime feed system, bridge crane structures, back-up power generator, and SCADA system and instrumentation. The pump station was designed with two wet wells having three submersible pumps each. The wet wells are designed to operate as two separate triplex stations with an overflow weir connecting them. Due to limited available space, a pervious asphalt pavement design was developed as well as design of an underground storm water detention system.

Williams Estate Sewer Improvements

Design for the proposed rehabilitation of 8,307 LF of existing gravity sanitary sewer and replacement of 2,189 LF of existing gravity sanitary sewer. Services include surveying, preliminary engineering, bidding, contract award, contract administration, construction observation, and erosion control inspections. This project also includes rehabilitation of 11 sewer manholes. This project is funded by a CDBG grant.

I-20 Pump Station and Lagoon Closeout

Design and construction phase services for a new 1,800-GPM capacity regional pump station to allow for abandonment of the existing aerated lagoon that serves the I-20 Wastewater System. Design included a detailed analysis of current and future projected wastewater demand. Project included a State Revolving Fund (SRF) PER and loan application/administration.

I-20 Wastewater System Pump Station Repairs

Improvements to 13 pump stations, including: three (3) pump stations will require wet well coating/rehabilitation and pump replacement; two (2) equalization lagoons with associated pump stations will be cleaned, closed-out and replaced with new submersible pump stations; five (5) pump stations will be completely replaced; demolition of one (1) existing sewer booster pump station that is no longer hydraulically necessary; two (2) pump stations will receive site improvements; two (2) pump stations will receive control panel replacements along with new canopies Services include surveying, permitting, bid/award, contract management, and construction observation. This project is funded by the State Revolving Fund (SRF); loan application and administration services are also provided.

12/14 Mile Creek 30-Inch Forcemain

Design of approximately 35,500 LF of 30-inch force main and 5,600 LF of 24-inch force main. Services include surveying, permitting, easement acquisition, bid/award, contract administration and construction/ observation. This redundant force main was constructed alongside the Town’s existing 24-inch force main and will increase the capacity of the 12/14 Mile Creek Wastewater System to 8 MGD. This system, which consists of two 31 MGD pump stations and associated force main, transports all wastewater from the Town of Lexington to the City of Cayce’s 25 MGD Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.

East Lexington Sewer Improvements

Surveying, Design, permitting, bid, contract admin and observation services associated with the construction of forcemain, pump station and gravity sewer improvements. The project will include the Cedar Road Forcemain (approx. 2,200 LF) and Pump Station; Oak Drive Forcemain (approx. 11,500 LF); Spring Hill Forcemain (approx. 2,200 LF); Cunningham Park Forcemain and Pump Station (approx. 3,800 LF); and Larkin Woods Gravity Sewer (approx. 600 LF). Services include design, surveying, permitting, coordination of geotechnical and electrical engineering, bid and award, and construction management.

Upgrades to Holly Hill WWTP

Design of a new 0.66 MGD wastewater treatment facility, with the capacity to expand to 1MGD. Conversion of existing treatment plant basins for use as influent and effluent flow equalization, new headworks structure, new biological nutrient removal treatment process, new clarifiers, new disinfection system, new aerobic sludge digester, new sludge dewatering system, new post aeration structure, new chemical equipment for lime and alum feed, upgrades to the existing water and electrical systems, yard piping, and site work.

Winnsboro Sewer System Connector SCIIP Project

Design of a new pump station, upgrades to existing pump station, and a new wastewater forcemain to connect to the Town of Winnsboro Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This project is designed so that the system will work as an independent system to transfer up to an average daily flow of up to 500,000 gallons per day of wastewater to the Winnsboro WWTP until such time as the new Fairfield Joint Water and Sewer System (FJWSS) WWTP and forcemain to the Broad River has been completed.

Town of Edisto Beach Wastewater System Upgrades

Design for upgrades for 3 of the Town’s pump stations and modifications to the wastewater treatment plant. AEC prepared the SCIIP application and secured $9,404,385.00 in grant funds on behalf of the Town of Edisto Beach for this project.

Blackville Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements SCIIP Project

Project scope includes modifications and upgrades to the existing biological treatment process and replacement of existing equipment; addition of secondary clarifiers and a return activated sludge (RAS) pump station; addition of a mechanical sludge dewatering facility and ancillary equipment; addition of a sludge holding tank; refurbishment and modifications of the existing pump building and associated equipment; refurbishment of the existing headworks; upgrades and improvements to the existing disinfection and de-chlorination system and chemical feed equipment; related piping, site work, and electrical and control systems.


“For decades we have worked with American Engineering Consultants Inc. on multiple projects. Their engineers have always been knowledgeable in the design phase all the way through to the implementation process.” – Stuart Ford, Town of Lexington, Assistant Town Administrator

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