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Last Updated: 06-20-2024


The Elloree Water System will receive Sealed Bids for the Water System Rehabilitation Project, Division “A”, until 2:00 PM July 23, 2024 at the Elloree Water System at 2623 E. Cleveland St., Elloree, SC 29047, at which time and place all Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Base Bid Division A-1: Replacement of existing water mains with approximately 740-LF of new 8” water main and approximately 38-LF of 6” water main along Hampton Street in Elloree between Railroad Avenue and Highway 6. Project also includes connections to existing water mains, installation of gate valves, a fire hydrant assembly, restrained joint fittings, water service connections, removal and replacement of asphalt roadway and asphalt driveways, milling and overlay of asphalt roadways, removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks, abandonment of existing water mains, and all other necessary appurtenances as specified and depicted in the Contract Documents.

Base Bid Division A-2: Refurbishment of the Town of Elloree’s Hampton Street well. The refurbishment will include construction of: chemical cleaning of existing well, replacement of existing well pump and piping, yard piping and fittings, a chemical building with chemical equipment, a chemical storage building, site work, an electrical rack and canopy, electrical equipment and improvements, and tie-in of the new yard piping to the water distribution system. The project also includes demolition of an existing ground storage tank, booster pump station, and storage building that are located at the Hampton Street well site.